Not your average computer build...

It really does fine. It doesn't get any more hot than your average PC chassis. The bottom of the case is well vented, and I have a 120mm fan sucking in cool air... which then gets shelled out through the Power Supply Unit. I also cut a slit on the lid, near the back, so hot air didnt build up. I ran Prime 95 on it for 30 minutes and it sat in the 40s for chassis and 60s for CPU.
Thanks for the compliments everyone. The misses is mighty proud of it too.

And Slavik, it most definitely is different... but can I confess something... I am overly jealous of your server rack. I saw your photo and my jaw dropped with jealousy :)


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Cooling was the first thing I thought of, very cool build. Nice job on the monitor, I shared it with some friends. :)
Yeah, cooling is a big issue with wood cases.

I have my wooden case (I posted about it here somewhere) but haven't finished it as I need to figure out how I'm going to cool it as it would basically bake all the parts I put inside of it.