XF 1.3 Not possible to link to an IRC channel


How would one go about posting an IRC link?

by which I mean irc://irc.ircserver.com/channel <-- except clickable

The BBCode interpreter does all sorts of strange things. For example

1. Linked text

Code: [url="irc://irc.ircserver.com/channel"]#channel@irc.ircserver.com[/url]

Result: #channel@ircserver.com

2. URL text left to the system to interpret as a URL

Code: irc://ircserver.com/channel

Result: irc://ircserver.com/channel

3. URL text explicitly linked

Code: [url]irc://irc.ircserver.com/channel[/url]

Result: irc://irc.ircserver.com/channel
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We only allow links to specific protocols (http and https really). You could need to modify the code to change this.