Not possible to add profile image if Imagemagick is enabled

I tried to upload a profile picture while I had ImageMagick PECL Extension enabled. This didn't work, nothing happened. When I switched to PHP GD it worked as it should.

I switched to Imagemagick a while ago because PHP GD couldn't upload large attachments (the thumbnail didn't show).


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Can you make thumbnails for attachments with imagemagick? How about with the image you're trying to upload for the avatar?
If the file is around 2 mb or more I have to use Imagemagick to be able to see thumbnails for the images when I upload them as attachments. I have attached two images to this post where you see the difference with uploading a 2 mb file with both Imagemagick and PHP GD.

It's strange though that I'm not able to upload a profile image with Imagemagick turned on? I have tried different images and none of them work.


Ok. First I try Imagemagick with a image that is 80 kb large. I got this message:
Fatal error
: Maximum execution time of 30 seconds exceeded in /home/biirds/public_html/library/XenForo/Image/ImageMagick/Pecl.php on line 261
I then made the image smaller but got a message that the image was larger than 50 kb and couldn't be uploaded.

I switched to PHP GD and then I could upload the image with no problem.

Any clue?
Ok.. thanks. No, unfortunately that didn't help solve my problem ;) . What do you think.. is it a bug in Xenforo or is it my host that needs to do something?


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It sounds like an imagemagick issue, where it's just taking it a long time (or spinning). The line where it's dying is where it processes the image. You may wish to try a newer version of the PECL extension (or compile it against a newer version of IM).
My host did increase the max execution time value in php.ini and now it works to upload a avatar with Imagemagick. It takes very long time for the image to be uploaded though =/, but I will hear with them if there's something you can do to increase the uploading time.