XF 2.2 Not allowing to users to see others threads


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Im creating a forms system and I want to not allow my users to see other users threads in a specific forum, but to allow them to see thier own threads.
I tried using the "View threads by others" permission, but setting this to "No", my users cannot view their own threads too!
What can I do? Thanks


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You have forum rights, which have to be set for each user group. "View threads by others -> no" is the right permission here.
If you have problems with permissions, you can analyze and fix them with the following link.


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Hello @Masetrix
I just created an alt with another mail account, and I noticed that the post are visible, but my tester didn't know what was "private" meaning.
Opening the forum with my alt I can only see my posts. Everything is working fine.


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Try this:

AdminCP >> Forums >> node permissions >> {node to hide}


View node = Yes

View threads by others = No

Post new thread = Yes
Post replies = Yes
Edit own post = Yes