Implemented Permissions: Can View Thread Content and Others' Threads


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I was about to go live with my Xen forums, when I noticed the permissions are missing a very important feature:
Can View Thread Content
Can View Others' Threads

We use those options to make a regular forum act as a ticketing system, where users can view only their own started threads. It is very important to have those perms enabled, please vote if you find it useful for your forums also.

Edit: Whoot, Kier liked the thread! Let's see if we can convince Mike to implement it in Beta2. :)

Paul M

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Yes, I noticed these were missing, and think they are needed.

More so the "Can View Others' Threads".

Confused by the "vote" though, I dont see a poll ?


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This would come in handy on a number of forums where a post is mean't only to be viewed by admins and moderators. So after a user marks his thread private, only the staff and that members can respond.


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xenforo just needs an option where it will allow admins to make certain forums private. and only admins or whatever group chosen can see the content as well as the main OP.