Non-Compete Clause

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I've been impressed with what I've seen so far as a new startup software. I already have plan to make use of XF for several of my up coming projects and will also convert a few communities to XF. However I have a question/issue and want to see if I can get some solid responsehere.

I understand the founder of XF is the previous vB developer or even creator. My question is that will you be facing any issue with your contract with vB or IB? Will we be facing any issue where XF may face legal challenge from vB and customer like us could suffer the consequence? Would you be able to provide any assurance for us that you have no legal obligations with vB and software at XF is 100% free of any legal concern?



Kier and Mike left over 12 months ago, and the software isn't on sale (yet). There's no legal issue. Thanks for your concern, but I think it's not the concern of (potential) customers. But something between XenForo and Internet Brands


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You have to understand that things which may or may not have been in previous contracts won't be discussed publicly.
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