XF 2.0 Non-cacheable overlays


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Do we have an equivalent in 2.0 (a way to not cache overlays) like how we could in 1.x with:



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Well, that was a waste of 2 hours of my life trying to figure it out by digging in code. Next time, please take longer to answer so I don't feel like I wasted so much of my time. :)

(it worked btw, as I'm sure you are aware)

Chris D

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Just ask next time :)

FWIW, the way I'd find this (or if I actually checked properly rather than just trying to recall from memory) is I'd search the js/core directory for "XF.Overlay" and specifically the click handler function.

The "options" object at the top of each click/element handler pretty much tells you what can be passed in via data attributes:


cache: true is the same as data-cache="true" and forceFlashMessage: false is the same as data-force-flash-message="off" etc.


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Yeah, most of my time was trying to figure out how the option can be set. Missed that they were data attributes. Oh well... now I know. 😀