XF 1.4 Nokia windows phone access errors


I have a user on my forum who is unable to access on his mobile since Tuesday, June 30. He is running a Nokia windows phone. Once he clicks the button to access the forums, he gets the following error:

You don't have permission to view this page. The credentials you provided aren't authorized to acces this page. You can try again by tapping the Back button and entering your info again. If you think you should be able to view this page, try contacting the website owner. Look for contact info on the home page, a contact page, or an about page. Error: HTTP 403 Forbidden

I have re-checked his permissions, and unfortunately do not have a windows phone to duplicate the error. My android is fine. Has anyone else seen this? He has purged his cache, cookies, etc and no change.

That's an error coming from the server itself, not XenForo.

For some reason, the user is forbidden from accessing the page.

Can they try from another device?
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