Fixed noindex some extra pages like member activity and content

Affected version


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Same as on xf2

  1. member_recent_activity
  2. member_recent_content
  3. profile_post_comments -> because that content is already in the profile and also indexed as #comments (strange enough), so duplicate for google (3 times)
  4. find_new_posts -> also has a noindex, but unnecessary because this is already on 'find_new_wrapper' template (keeps the list easy when searching for noindex templates).
  5. thread_poll_voters-> should also have a noindex like with media gallery rating.


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Strictly speaking, profile_post_comments isn't duplicate content -- the link would generally only appear where there are more comments. However, this sort of stuff is likely to be very low value, so I will remove that.

I have generally made the other changes though.