XF 2.0 nofollow links in signatures


Hi there,

I've just noticed that the links in my signature in XF2 are set to "nofollow noopener". Can this be changed so they are set to follow please?

Fingers crossed....

Any XF user who is marked as a staff member will not have nofollow applied to any of their links, including signatures.

Marking a user as a staff member is actually separate to their moderator or administrator state so you may need to go and edit your user record in the Admin CP and check this box:


After that, the external links in your own signature will simply be noopener but that's an important security feature which is applied to all external links.
Thanks for the advice. I've edited and it's now removed the "nofollow":)

I've also just noticed that my sig isn't visible to guests. Is there a setting somewhere that shows it to all please?

Many thanks,

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