XF 1.2 nofollow for particular posts or even individual links


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So, I've been getting a couple messages from other sites about removing links to their sites because Google is punishing them for "Unnatural Inbound Links". Frankly, I'm tired of these notices. (none of our outbound links are generated, these are all organic from actual people)

Is there a way to all nofollow to a particular post, (I don't want to add this to a usergroup), or is there a way to wrap bbcode around a link (or inside a URL bbcode) to make that particular link have the nofollow attribute?


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There's no option to control that. Links are basically all nofollow by default, unless it's from a staff member.


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In this case, it actually is one of my staff members who posted the link. I hate these request to remove links, but in this case, I guess I'll have to remove the link.