Lack of interest Nodes collapsed by default


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Hi *.*

If anyone could tell me what end where i have to change in which template if i want to set up one single category to be collapsed by default.

I had this functionality within the ******* Custom Node add-on but as this is no more compatible with my new, modern full featured styles i had to uninstall it.

As a suggestion: This would be a great feature in the core !


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Thx...but i do not look for that. I tried it on my test environment and didn't get it to work as i want probably due to an incompatibility with other add ons...

I have just one main category which is only accessable fo a certain usergroup and which has a different forced style. Therefore i just want to keep this category collapsed by default.
I guess this must be just 2-3 lines of CSS code and that's all i'm looking for since my new styles from pixelexit includes all the other "gimmicks" already.

If anyone could help i really would appreciate it and become the happiest admin

Thx in advance dudes