XF 1.4 nodes and callbacks in xf 1.4

Ian S

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It's not a troubleshooting issue, it's a question.

Troubleshooting is for resolving problems and errors.

Ian S

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ok so i watched kiers vids and wanted to incorp a similiar thing as i want to call up the last 50 posts from anywhere in the forum and post them in one page or thread, but i found the dev_callback in the node command dont work in 1.4 does anyone have a link or anything to set me on my way the vids below i watched


any help is of course always appreciated guys thanx
anyone?? thanx


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Well things have changed since 1.0 and there may be adjustments that have to be accounted for. But I haven't seen any error messages, code, etc so we can't really give any recommendations unless we have something to go on.

Ian S

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well when i watched kiers vid at the very beginning i got error, when you enter the php callback @1.23 in the 1st vid it wont work in 1.4 mike