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For a team to stay within the board it would be nice if we could have something that extends the question/suggestion stuff where we can escalate or mark something internally to a todo node. And have the staff see a list of todo items. We could through phrases then rename todo for something that's more appropriate for that purpose.

Having "threads" listed in a forum that are actually todo items that are open or resolved, would be rather nice. This way we can see what's open, assigned, in discussion, or resolved, rejected. And optionally have a milestone.

This would mean we wouldn't need a third party resource and don't have to do some fancy tricks to integrate it with xenforo.

Thank you for considering additional node types.
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Staff only node with prefixes?
Sure, this is how it could be done. But the list is not compact at all. I mean, you can make an article type forum as well with regular threads and a template modification. But there's much more to it. For example how things are looking.

Having a type for todo would allow marking things and visualizing this. A sidebar widget with project or milestone % could be displayed.