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When setting the node permissions, i'm getting a page with ALL node permissions (articly system, gallery,forum, forum-mod)

Wouldn't it be better, if we would only see THE necessery permissions?
Every nodetype have his own permission group, right? ( if i understood the node types correct,.. if not sorry and stop reading ^^ )

So, when i'm creating/editing the article node, i don't care of the forum, gallery & forum moderator perms, the user should see only the article releated permissions.

Once xf gets bigger and there are more "real" add-ons using the xf framework, the page will become too long, once having too many permissions


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Yes and no - if we did that, then you couldn't set permissions on a category, to allow them to push down to child nodes.

Robert F Schmitz

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Instead of a new post, I will add to this as it is very similar but different enough to warrant the question.

When viewing/setting node permissions, could one select the node and then see a list of usergroups on the left column naming the rows and the node options across the top naming the column settings. This way one can quickly see the permissions for all usergroups within that node.

Currently, one clicks node permission and is presented with a list of the usergroups. There is no way to quickly see what the settings for that node are amongst the various groups without clicking on each usergroup and scrolling down. Then to return back to the usergroup list, one has to hit the back button and start again. This is a gripe that I have had with many of the forum softwares out, not just this one. If I have time, I will mock up what I am talking about in case it isn't clear. Thanks.


I'd be satisfied with a couple of tweaks to the node permissions screens.

When listing the usergroups on the Node Permissions section rather than just indicating whether the permissions have been altered or not (blue highlight) I'd like to see an indicator on that listing showing whether they can view that node (something that you can see on vb's forum permissions).

And lastly there really needs to be some tools added to make mass editing possible.

Such as being able to revert all usergroup permissions on a particular node. Due to the way we had vb set up for staff forums (Deny all, Inherit for the usergroups who should have access) it's resulted in us having a load of revoke's that we needed to get rid of. The only way to do this though is by going into each usergroup one by one for each affected Node. And we've got quite a lot of staff forums and quite a lot of usergroups. So it was quite an inconvenience lol. It would have been much easier if we could have just clicked a button above the user listing to revert all the groups or even having a checkbox on the node listing allowing you to revert multiple nodes at once.

Another possibility could be to add a Copy Node Permissions button so you can just copy the permissions from one node to another.

Doing that sort of thing would certainly help encourage the larger forums imo.