XF 1.5 Node Permissions clarification


I've read the knowledgebase info on the node permissions, but I'm a litlle confused.

My structure is like this:

Category 1
> category or forum
Category 2
> category or forum

Which I totally understand how to do.

My question is this:

If I set the permissions to "revoke all", they can't even see the category.

If I set the permissions to "revoke all" except view... they can get right into the categories (which I want them to at least see)... AND they can see each and every post (subject) listed. Obviously they can't see the actual posts inside.

However - I'm wondering what I'm missing - I'd like them to be able to SEE the main categories with sub-categories.. but NOT the actual discussions inside.

Example of my groups:
Business, Ultimate.

Here's a real example of one of my categories, specifically for the Ultimate group.

Ultimate (Node: Category)
-Main Discussions (Sub Category)
- Discussions (forum)
-Live Calls & Replays (Forum)

So in this instance, Business users should NOT be able to access the Ultimate section, but still see those titles - but NOT the titles INSIDE the Discussions (forum).

When I click "Revoke all" BUT leave "visible" they can still see all of the titles INSIDE the Discussions forum (but not access/view them), which is the extra step I don't want.

Hopefully that makes sense?


Suggestions on what I fix here?


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If you don't want the thread content to be visible, use the 'View thread content' permission - revoke or allow it accordingly for the various user groups.