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Is there a way to quickly change the node order values en masse - other than going into each node and changing them one by one?I have initiated a sponsored forum program and I will be adding forums and sub forums regularly, and as it stands changing the order of the nodes is quite inefficient.


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If you number them this way it's easy to add a new forum, you only have to renumber a few forums.

Category (1)
Forum (2)
Forum (3)

Category (20)
Forum (21)
Forum (22)

Category (30)
Forum (31)
Forum (32)


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Thanks Andy, but my "special condition" won't allow for that too easily lol. Ideally I would like to have this done . . . .

node order.jpg

I realize that this is turning into a an add-on request, but since you understand the actual coding and I do not, perhaps you could tell me if this is even worth posting there. Would this be a nightmare to write? This is how mybb worked and it was a breeze to change multiple nodes. I already have 77 and that will probably double or more and so even using your deca system will turn into a cluster firetruck at some point. Do you think an add on like this could be written?


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Perhaps an add-on could be made to take the existing order and renumber each Node Order but incrementing by 10.


That way you could easily add nodes as needed.


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So as far as you know, the answer is no for what I would ideally want?

What if each category could have its own order, then each forum within the category could have also, and the forums were "offset" from the category?


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No, there is no way to quickly mass change all your values.

Each category does have its own display order. Display order is always dependent on the parent.

Floyd R Turbo

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Node numbers by Waindigo will at least display the node numbers in the ACP node tree but it doesn't allow you to change them on the node tree view

To me this would be a valuable addon and should not be difficult to code. Just replicate the files that defines the order as an enterable/editable filed on the node tree and then add an "update" button.

There is also an addon that allows you to drag & drop in ACP