Node option: the user is the moderator of the thread


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Such option allows thread creators to be moderators of the threads.

Difference from the regular moderators:
  1. Can't edit not the posts.
  2. Can delete posts only softly with recovery possibility..
  3. Can unlock a subject only in the event that they locked her.
  4. Can't see IP users.
  5. Can't delete first post - can't delete thread.
This option should be coordinated with an option Change a starter topic Change thread author and date.


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id love the ability to give thread-starters 'ownership' of threads they start in select nodes.
unfortunately, we will likely never see this happen. people will demand it not be an available option and will point out their own incompetence as an admin as the sole reason it should not be an option. i know that sounds comical, but ive seen it happen countless times already.