XF 1.4 Node List info content - Removing / Adding


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We are in the process of styling our forum, and require some help with node list content.

figure 1. of the attached image shows the current node list in full resolution.

figure 2. of the attached image shows the current node list in reduced resolution (for mobile and tablet use).

What we would like to do is remove the "Discussions: Messages:" text, and replace it with the "Latest: Yesterday at 4:22 PM" text.

(It should be noted that the reason the "Latest: Date" doesn't show on the higher resolution is because we made it invisible. It was displaying in its block form, which we definitely don't want. Simple text is what we're after, as seen in figure 2.)

Is there an easy way of doing this?

Thank you.



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Small update:

We managed to get rid of the "Discussions/Messages" stat by inserting 'Display: none' into EXTRA.CSS

However, we are still unable to attach a persistent 'Latest post' stat.

figure 1. is what we have. figure 2. is what we want.



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After hours of trial and error, we've managed to get it close to what we need.

We set the pre-existing 'Latest Post' block to visible and then re-sized it and moved it down and left. We would have preferred a cleaner method, but it will do.

We can't figure out how to remove the username though. We want it as just 'Latest: Date'. Any ideas?