XF 1.2 Node Icons and Rounded Corners


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I'm not particularly good with Photoshop (unless it's tweaking pictures I've taken with my DSLR).

I've had a go at making some node icons for my new forum, but I'm not happy with the rounded corners on them.
What is the best way in getting the rounded corner to be a little smoother, as it looks a bit too sharp for my liking?


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Have you tried applying border radius to the square image?
Not yet, I'm still playing about with CS6. I did the current rounded corners by manually doing the line with a pencil tool. I wasn't sure how best to draw the outline edge on it (darker blue) to round it off more (was trying for 3px rounding)


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If you want to do it as an image, create a circular image using the same colours but with a transparent background and overlay the corners on the square icon.