XF 2.1 Node icon size


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I've figured out how to replace the node icons with png images;

/* Forum read & unread icons */

.node--forum.node--read .node-icon i:before{content: url(off.png);}

.node--forum.node--unread .node-icon i:before{content: url(on.png);}

/* Subforum read & unread icons */

.subNodeLink:before{content: url(off.png) !important;}

.subNodeLink.subNodeLink--unread:before{content: url(on.png) !important;}

but my images are too wide (65 pixels) and overlap. Is there a quick way to increase node icon width? These images are from my old SMF forum and I'd like to use then for continuity :)NodeIcon.PNG


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just to say that it's been a while since I used my license xenforo and for a few days I put my hands in the code ... I was looking for ways to enlarge the size of the node icon and I found this discussion to which I gave the answer a year ago !! :D