Node (forum) numbering in sub-forums


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I run various banners on parts of my site which are pulled from my banner program based on the number of the forum that I want the ad to show in.

I just attempted to replicate that behavior in a sub-forum, and it does not seem to work. I do see that the sub-forum has a unique number of it's own, yet the same code (as in the others) does not seem to pull in a banner.

Anyone have a hint on this? Are sub-forums exactly the same in these terms?


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Have you checked node level 2 - ISTR that applying to sub-froums (in terms of your banner code)?

(Sorry, not near my PC to check exact template name)


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Hmmm.....don't know what that is......
I'll dig around in the node ACP stuff and see if anything looks suspicious. I also have a couple things to dig in on my end - in other words, it may be my fault!


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I fixed this - was my fault on the permissions of the files which should call the banner.
The sub forums seem to act exactly like the regular ones in terms of using the node number to call other processes.