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Node (forum) numbering in sub-forums


Well-known member
I run various banners on parts of my site which are pulled from my banner program based on the number of the forum that I want the ad to show in.

I just attempted to replicate that behavior in a sub-forum, and it does not seem to work. I do see that the sub-forum has a unique number of it's own, yet the same code (as in the others) does not seem to pull in a banner.

Anyone have a hint on this? Are sub-forums exactly the same in these terms?


Well-known member
Have you checked node level 2 - ISTR that applying to sub-froums (in terms of your banner code)?

(Sorry, not near my PC to check exact template name)


Well-known member
Hmmm.....don't know what that is......
I'll dig around in the node ACP stuff and see if anything looks suspicious. I also have a couple things to dig in on my end - in other words, it may be my fault!