Style Node Display Change


Hi, we're looking for someone to customise our node display on the forum index to look exactly like shown in the screenshot below:

We designed this and want it replicated on our live forum. We're using the UI X skin, so the framework to make this happen is already there, we just need the CSS and some templates customised to make this happen.

A few details of what we want:
1. We're looking for a responsive design. Should work responsively on desktop and mobile devices.

2. On desktop, nodes fit into a row. If there's four nodes in a category, they display side by side like shown above.

3. To replicate the darkened background image effect, the background will need a transparent black overlay div.

4. The image backgrounds will be set through the node styling in the node tree, so it needs to work with that functionality.

If we could get a quote for this, it would be much appreciated.