XF 2.2 No way to delete email log


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I like the way I can delete the old server logs once I have taken care of them.

I also keep a close eye on my bounced email log and get a great sense of accomplishment when I have corrected all of them.

The only thing I dislike is that I cannot delete the old bounced email logs. I can see in a second if there are new server logs because I delete the old ones, the email logs however seem to stay for a long time with no way to wipe them out.

A suggestion to Xenforo would be to provide us a similar way to delete them as with the server logs.
I'm curious about this, too @XenForo -- Is there a way for us to delete the email bounced log or does it self expire over time?? Otherwise it just becomes an ongoing, ridiculously large amount, of email address and hard/soft bounces, etc...

What can we do?
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