[No thanks] Lose the avatar next to quick reply


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Every time I'm viewing a thread, I get to the last post and see my avatar next to the quick reply. This always confuses me because it looks like I made a post in the thread which I know I have not.

Wouldn't it be better to remove the avatar next to the quick reply?


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This brings up a good point ...

it would be interesting if XF had a way of providing statistics on which feature/layouts perform better and base implementation on hard statistics. :)


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I like this. It gives the feeling that your reply is "live" and that it's already part of the thread. It shows consistency (to an extent, there's no username/usertitle) and I'm really getting used to it being there.

(I even like that if you click it, it brings up your member card)


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I wasn't a big fan at first but now I kinda like it.

Think the turning point was when they moved the page navigation above the editbox.
That was huge improvement imho.