XF 1.5 No Text Field When Creating New Threads.

Recently, I've started working on a new website, although one problem I've had both before, and after updating to 1.5, is that when going to create a new thread, there is no text input box. (https://gyazo.com/3cc8c27f44825c13483b93c9a7f56cb6). If it matters, I'm using the "xensplash" theme, from Audentio Design, and I do have xenporta 2 installed (also updated).

Any help is appreciated, and I really hope this is a fix that wont require a full reinstallation. The website is "apheliongaming.net/vanilla".

Thanks, Josh.


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Does it work in a default style with add-ons disabled?

If so, you will need to determine whether it is style or add-on related and contact the author of the one causing the problem for support with it.


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Are you sure you tested in a completely default unedited style?
The one on your site is definitely not a default style.

You disable add-ons in the ACP at admin.php?add-ons/ by clicking the [Disable All Add-ons] button.
**sigh** thanks for responding so quickly Brogan, but I derped a bit and didnt even attempt looking at the page source. For some reason "display: none" was set in the textArea. All fixed now, thanks again :)