Fixed No smilies have been added to this category yet.


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First of all, when using the drag/drop feature this line should disappear from the smilie manager once there is a smilie added into that category. Currently, it does not. Also, it should probably be static directly under the category. As it is now, you can drop an existing smilie above or below this phrase, either one.

Second, you can also drag/drop the line containing this phrase. In fact, you can even drag it into a completely different category if you'd like. Again, it should be static.


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Here are a few screenshots of what I'm talking about, in case my first post was confusing.

Here's a screenshot from right after I added a new category.


Then I moved an image into that category, and the 'No smiles have been added to this category yet' phrase still remains.


Now I decided to move that phrase wherever I wanted it, including the one from the Uncategorized Smilies.