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No Resource Pre-Orders or Crowdfunding


Nelson T.

Didn't see this rule, but it is a good one. In fact, I suggested this to you guys a year ago in that classifieds crowd funding thread wherein I said I couldn't pay for anything that isn't already produced.


XenForo moderator
Staff member
The thread was closed as it is specifically related to crowd funding.

That is no longer permitted since that thread was created.

If you want to arrange crowd funding (or similar), you will have to arrange it elsewhere or privately.
I don't want to arrange crowd funding. We are a group of paying persons searching for a development solution.
Admittedly the title of the thread is infelicitous.

Thanks for clarification
English is not my mother tongue but I try to choose the words carefully and in the right way. If something is wrong: Sorry.

What I mean: The thread title enunciates something, that is not realy the content of it.