XF 1.5 No Referrer in Some Imgage Proxy Logs


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I recently converted a VB forum to XF 1.5 and migrated all the content including all the images from VB Gallery to XFMG. A few days after the conversion, all posts with links to VB Gallery were converted to XF attachments.

I have been looking through the image proxy logs and see lots of entries pointing to images from the old VB gallery install, which I have not deleted yet. What is odd about a lot of these entries is that there is no referrer log. Other entries pointing to third party image sites like photobucket show the referrer (ie forum posts) in the logs.

What could be the cause of these entries with no referrers? A cached copy of the thread from a search engine? People link directly to the image from anther site?


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Is there any way to show which thread referred to dead images? So that I don't need to go search the forum to hunt down and remove them.


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Any referrer should be shown in the image proxy log. If it's not listing there, then there wouldn't be a way within XF. You could potentially use your raw web server logs to see if you can track this down.


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Odd, the other working images are showing which forum page(s) referred to them. But dead images don't at all.

I get the Show Image button which says 'click to recache this image, which has been pruned from the system' for those one. I've only set up the image proxy for the first time today, so XF must know that they are dead.