No Private message or thread alerts - gone

Did the NodesAsTabs add-on, possibly a few other small tweaks. Anywho...Private Message tab just shows the progress bar but not the pop-up list. Same with Alerts. But both show the new PMs or thread alerts if you click their tab or title. Thoughts on where I killed this would be appreciated.


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The standard troubleshooting steps apply.

Disable all add-ons.
Test in a completely default unedited style, with no additional JS from ad providers, etc.

Try to determine whether it is style or add-on related first, then go from there.


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So now you need to enable the add-ons one at a time again to determine which one is causing it.


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Then the issue lies with style edits made directly to the style add-on. Have you made any changes recently?

Backing up your changes and reverting them and reapplying utnil it works will help you narrow it down.


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Ah, in which case is it a third party style or something you have cooked up yourself?

If the former then you can contact the designer otherwise it's a matter of reverting changes one at a time.
I would probably start with any custom JS which has been added.
A sibling shows all but my last fatal change and works correctly, I think I can replicate/know where I went astray. I walked away for a few hours (had to, life intruding) and feel fresh on it now. I should have more "children" - for spares. :)