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Design issue No Overlay Mask Color When Another Member Card Is Brought Up Immediately Afterward


Well-known member
This may not be a "bug," but it can't hurt to check. This is another one, like my Gravatar bug report, that I've known about for a long time, I just haven't gotten around to reporting it.

This can be reproduced consistently. You just have to be very fast. This is how I can reproduce it:
  • Click on a member to bring up their member card.
  • Immediately afterward, click on another member to bring up their member card.
  • The second member's member card will not be surrounded by an overlay mask color. Additionally, clicking outside of the member card will not close it like it normally does. You have to explicitly click on the X.

For best results, do this on the forum list with people right next to each other. In my case, before I even clicked on Valhalla's avatar under People You Follow (the one with the "no avatar" avatar), I was already moving my cursor toward and immediately clicked Jon's avatar within a split of a second of clicking Valhalla's avatar.



XenForo developer
Staff member
This is really a design issue/limitation with the underlying overlay system and how we do some things.