No Input File Specified


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Hi everyone, does anyone know what this means and how to resolve it?

I want to move my forum website onto a much larger second drive (SSD) which is within the same server and shares PHP which is stored on the first drive.
I have moved another website across onto this drive and it works. I have run phpinfo.php on this website which also works.
PHP is installed globally at C:\PHP\7.2.4, however the system maps this via Environment variables meaning that even if
the site is moved to D, IIS still uses the php-cgi.exe located at C:\PHP\7.2.4.

However, moving the forum website results in an error 'No input file specified'


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All sorted now,
I had a .user.ini file located in the site directory which had php values that override the main php values and in here the open_basedir was set to the C drive.