Not a bug No email+password login pssible after Facebook registration


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Users who registered using the Facebook connect feature do not have a password

Users who registered via Facebook cannot log in using their email + password unless they set up a password afterwards by going through their profile settings

Other issues:
Users connecting from a mobile device, a different computer, or who currently do not wish or do not have access to Facebook cannot log in into the forum.

Current work around:
Users can currently manually go to their profiles and set up a password, and they''ll be able to log in using email+password. I found this to be rather counter intuitive for a lot of lest technologically inclined people (the members I will be targeting with my board).

Adding a password step to the registration process when using Facebook connect to register would allow users to log in using email+password from any device


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Indeed, this is not a bug - one of the goals of the FB (and any 3rd party) integration is to pass off authentication and credentials to another system, as well as making it as simple as possible to register.