No Easy Day

Fred Sherman

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Matt Bissonnette, the Navy SEAL who wrote this book will forever more be shunned by all former and current members of the Spec Ops community. I, as one, will not purchase this book.

There is a unwritten rule. It doesn't matter if its the AF PJs, Marine Force Recon, Army Rangers, Green Berets, or Navy SEALs. We never divuldge the nature of our work, the places we've been, the things we've done or those we served with. We don't put each other or our families in danger. And we never profit off the death of others whether it is the targets or the brothers we lost.

Its not politics. You know I'm not a big fan of the current administration. Even if this was an attempt to discredit them and directly cost Obama the election, I still wouldn't support this.

We work best when we work in secrecy and when the enemy doesn't know the full range of our capability. This book may not have violated any law, but it violates a code of ethics we all agreed to and that exists for our mutual benefit and safety.

Adam Howard

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Respectfully, I've pre-ordered advance copies and plan on giving them out as gifts.

I too served my country and I do not condone the actions of our military or our government. Nor do I condone the negative view placed upon those who happen to have an opinion and wish to express themselves outside of the service. I also do not condone or approve of how those who have served and risk their lives are treated after they leave the service.

So yes, I will support the author and have plans on giving out that book like it were candy.

Adam Howard

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Here is the link to the full story and not just select parts to start off on

edit: And on the top of people excommunicating such individuals... That's perfectly fine. Over the years the "group of people" has grown larger and larger... We gather together just fine without those whom WE have no communication. Last gathering was larger than the "official" gathering.

It works both ways....

So no one gets left out. :D