Not a bug No border-radius for subHeading in Chrome


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I just recognized that Chrome (newest Version) is not displaying the border-radius for subHeading in discussionList.
Same happens if you add a background with radius settings to the Member´s Page .tabs {
or any other Page where the tabs are. Just the .categoryStrip in Forum List is diplaying correctly

All other Browsers will display border radius as set.
Not sure if it´s Chrome or because of Xenforo.



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That element doesn't have border radius.

This is Firefox:

Inspect the CSS and you will see there is no radius applied in the output.


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@Brogan @Russ
Point for you.
But i am working on a Style for a Forum some friends where running which i want to restart.
I set the radius and there is also none displayed.

no-radius2.png no-radius1.png

You can see, because of the inset box shadow, that there must be a radius but the background seems to overlay the radius... Dont know what that is but i was resetting to default and started again but´s all time the same. No border-radius.

Just to make sure. If i take off the Background´s color from subHeading, the Radius is visible, if i add a bg color to subHeading the Radius is overlayed
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If any is interested. This behave comes from the background-image.
If you add just a color and border radius all is fine. As soon as you add a background (default one) the border radius is overlayed by the background.