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Only just realised this section of the forums so I'd thought I'd plug my forum :p

Let me first tell you a little bit of the history...

The forum actually started out way back in 2010 by Adam, as a place to 'buzz' about the announcement of the 3DS at the time. This quickly turned into a rather large community, one which I was proud to be part of. About a year ago, activity dwindled, and Adam just didn't have enough time to invest into the forum. Earlier in the year, I proposed that I would take over, when he accepted, I set off my preparations to revive it and merge it with my own blog, NintyBuzz. It took them a bit of convincing, but the community was accepting of the move.

Since I took over, I paid for the software to finally get updated (he was running on early 1.2), rejigged the design, and introduced new, and returning, features. Such features include a levelling up system for trophies, our very own forum shop, called Yoshi's Trading Post, improved posting ranks and banners, the return of Game Days, and new tournaments! My aim? To rebuild the once fantastic community and grow more, to make it a fun and unique Nintendo community to be part of!

There we have it, what do you think?

PS, if you sign up and use this Melon Code, you'll earn 300 Melons (our forum currency)! Expired September 1st 2016.
Thought I'd update with what has been happening and what is to come :)

Firstly, the NintyBuzz Awards are back for 2016! Not only are there new categories to vote in, but every nomination you make will increase your chances to win $50/£50 of Nintendo eShop credit!

There is currently a Melon Boost that is lasting until the new year. Usually you'd receive 10 and 20 melons per post and thread respectively, until the 1st January 2017, you can now receive 25 and 75 melons. For those who do not know, melons are the forum currency. You can then redeem melons from Yoshi's Trading Post for a range of different items!

Speaking of Yoshi's Trading Post, we will also be restocking the store with brand new items over the coming weeks. These will include eShop vouchers, games, and other merch... a little birdy tells me there may be Skull Kid figurines, a Luigi's Mansion Diorama, and even apparel.

I am also planning on hosting some Game Days leading up to Christmas, with a possibility of one on New Years Eve too. I'm hoping to host on a range of different games, including Runbow, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, Monster Hunter 4/Generations, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Lost Reavers, Splatoon, and Fast Racing Neo. I may even hold little friendly competitions where you could win Melons to spend at Yoshi's Trading Post.

If anyone has any suggestions on improving activity (maybe there's a good promotion site I haven't heard of yet) I would be grateful if someone could give me a few pointers :)
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