NGINX Rewrite


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Can someone help me with a nginx location rewrite.

I've currently got a folder called directory with lots of files and sub folders in there.

I want to redirect everything in this folder to the root of the folder, So that if they vist they end up at

Is this even possible?


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Not completely sure what you meant, but have a look:

server {
    listen      80;
    root  /path/to/root;
    location /directory/sheffield/varsity/ {
        return 301 $scheme://;
See how that works for you. It uses 301 Moved Permamently, hardcoded for now. You can also use this:

    location /directory {
        autoindex off;
That way, if someone accesses /directory, they can't see the file list there unless they know a direct link. You can also use "internal" or "allow deny all" if you need to completely remove permissions.