nginx + guest cache?


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I've seen cache plugins for Varnish and Litespeed Cache, but no luck finding an output caching equivalent for nginx.

Basically, we sometimes receive huge viral spikes from forum posts being shared, and Litespeed Cache was a godsend because it allowed us to cache pages to guests (who accounted for most of the viral spike viewers), which gave MySQL a great break, which kept CPU/RAM stable.

Is there any such tutorial or plugin for nginx? We'd like to switch, but every post I've found about fastcgi and output caching for nginx seems pretty quiet. Am I better off sticking with Litespeed for now?



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Thank you both - I've checked out each and I don't think they do what varnish / lscache do, which is cache the entire output of a php page for guests, so no database queries or php processing are needed when loaded from cache

Jeremy P

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That's exactly what nginx caching does, it caches the results from the origin/upstream (php-fpm) and serves them when certain conditions are met.


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That is what nginx caching does, also, if you really want the hassle of maintaining Varnish, a common practice is/was to use it alongside nginx (until nginx was improved throughout its builds to the point where the differences aren't worth the hassle).