Newsletters - strategies, optimization


I wanted to start a discussion regarding the use of newsletters to maximise user engagement in the forum.

We have a forum where there is a small-moderate userbase but with a large proportion of users who had previously used the forums and now moved on
We want to develop content and resources relelvant to those users and get the message out there with newsletters.

Strategies and optimization
Have you or are you using newsletters in your own communities?
How has the response been? has it increased user engagement or has it put people off?
Is there a sweet spot for newsletters? weekly? fortnightly? monthly? - any particular day of the week better than others?

What tools do you use to put the Newsletter together?
What format do you use?

We are hoping to create one that has simple structure [Introduction][Abstract of feature articles][Most popular threads of the past week/fortnight/month][Conclusion including the option to unsubscribe and to send in suggestions]

Is there a tool where I could get the most popular threads of the past week/fortnight/month sent through by email to me to be included in the email?

Would be great to hear about successful use cases too
This is something I'm interested in as well. For another business we use MailerLite, which is great for designing a good looking newsletter. Not sure if Xenforo features allow as much control over newsletter features.
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