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News feed takes about 3 seconds when called direct but through xenforo preview it times out (ie more than 10 seconds), the rss feed is on the same server.

Originally the rss feed was nearly 9 seconds direct but would intermittently work on the forum (preview very rarely worked), the feed was then re-written using multi-cURL to speed it up.

Another similar feed (3 seconds direct, multi-cURL) works fine and previews in 3 seconds.

As a temporary measure, the rss feed is run on another server (about 1 second direct) and the xenforo preview happens in about 1.5 seconds.

There appears to be some interaction between different news feeds, when I deleted one that was not working on the forum, another one that had also not been working suddenly ran ok and posted on the forum.

Any suggestions where I should be looking? I initially thought it a server problem but the rest of the testing would suggest its xenforo.


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What happens if you attempt to wget the feed URL from the same server via the command line?

Chances are--and this isn't uncommon--that there's an issue with the server routing back to itself via the domain name.
I don't have access at shell level, but as the feed is just a php file I can call it up on any browser/reader.

I see what you are saying, but I can't see how it can become a problem, very few internet sites would work if you couldn't call a php file on the same server. Still, I'm trying to think of a way to fool it into thinking its somewhere else when its not.
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