Fixed  "News Feed" should ignore (at least) the 'quote' BB Code


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When viewing our personal news feed ( the text shown should be exclusive of at least the 'quote' BB code.

Attached are two images showing why. The first image shows an entry by Kier as it appears in the feed while the second image shows the actual post that Kier made. As it is now, the feed makes it appear that Kier made a particular statement while in fact the statement was really somebody else being quoted and what Kier really posted does not appear at all in the feed.




I've mentioned this elsewhere too, thanks for starting a thread for it. This has my vote. I misread who says what, since it's not clear what's a quote and not.


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@Mert: Good point, those should be ignored also.

Here's hoping Kier or Mike comes across this thread.... with the volume of new posts here daily, I am starting to use the feed first before clicking What's New and the wrong quotes is starting to get confusing in some threads. :confused:


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Furthermore, it's also still on the "Postings" tab in profiles (see attachments)
That's using the same search result templates.

I had hesitated about removing it there because of misleading highlighting, but in reality I don't think the highlighting will be that accurate so guess I'll have to do it there too.