Add-on New XF Groups/Clubs Add-On - Partners to share development costs


We are looking to support the development of a new groups/clubs add-on for Xenforo. We have a list of features we intend to include (which we can share with you), and are looking for potential partners willing to share development costs, who may have their own functionality needs that they would like included. Please send me a message via conversations if you are interested in discussing and would like more information.
Hi Nelson. Yes, we have looked into Nobita Social groups as well as the other groups plugins.

The primary features we aim to include in this add-on, which no other add-on provides yet, is:
  • Ability to implement a custom form for user data collection during group/club membership sign up
  • Payment subscription upon group/club membership sign up
  • Ability for group/club leader to access/download information provided during sign up by the group/club members
  • Ability for group/club leader to view membership status of current/former members
There are some other issues we intend to address in this add-on in addition to the above.
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