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Cannot reproduce New version uploaded and update is duplicated


Active member
When editing my resource, I had to update the file, so I click the update link and uploaded the new file, editing the Title and Message accordingly. I then did a preview and clicked to submit. It created a duplicate, that I already cleaned up, from both the uploaded file and update message.


XenForo developer
Staff member
Can you explain exactly what fields you entered and what you mean by a duplicate? I don't really follow the report.


Active member
Ok, Mike, here is my step by step:

1 - Clicked link Post Resource Update
2 - Selected the updated file
3 - Inputed a version string (2.2.1)
4 - Inputed an Update Title
5 - Inputed a Message
6 - Clicked Preview
7 - After previewing, clicked Save Version
8 - After all that, there was 2 posts regarding the update, plus 2 posts on the Resource Discussion as well, plus 2 update files. That is what I mean by duplicating.