XF 1.5 New user gets Permission error when clicing verification mail link


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You do not have permission to view this page or perform this action.

So a new user registers on the site, heads to their confirmation email and clicks the link.

This is the first thing they see on our page.

How do I fix?



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That would suggest a general permission issue - the forum index is likely unavailable to them.

You can use the permissions analyzer to determine why.


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Ok permissions analyzer is a very cool feature.

Right now Im asking my guildies to migrate to the new forum. I guess I can give them access to the forums just like a full fledged member, and they would't recieve this error.

However, I am also creating applications for NEW GUILDIES. Once I start taking these applications I do NOT want new recruits having access to the forums at all until I accept them. The only things I'd want them doing is reading our guild rules and maybe setting up avatar and signatures... maybe :)
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