XF 2.2 "New Posts" only shows threads?


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Hey all!

Just coming from VB and myself and members are confused. We are trying to see only "new posts" but when we click on the "New Posts", it only shows the threads. What am I doing wrong? Thanks!


Mr Lucky

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And are you sure there are unread posts (excpet in the case where they are all unread in which case it does go to post #1 because that post is new (to the user)

Brogan may correct me but I believe this is what should happen:

  • If you already read the whole thread (ie title is not bold) it goes to post 1
  • If you read the whole thread before, (but now there is a new post - title is bold) it goes to that fpost that was added after you read the whole thread.
  • If you have never read any of the thread at all, (title is bold) you go to post #1


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Thanks everyone!

One thing that would be helpful is how to "hide" reactions in the "Latest Activity" ? They clutter that area and "push" down new posts. Where are the settings to do this?

Mr Lucky

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I may be wrong because I don't use it (only New Posts) , but isn't What's New basically latest activity but without the reactions?
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It isn’t really any different to vBulletin.
It is !!!

vbulleting is so much better in this regard

You can do for each category, side widget, with latest post showing, surprise surprise.... latest post content !!!
So basic, so important, so simple and in xenforo you do not have that...

You can only show: title or first post content.... who need first post?! Latest post content is what matters...