XF 1.5 New Posts Align Left

I have searched and searched guys, but cannot find any help with getting the 'New Posts' button to stay on the left.

About 50% of my members want to read the whole forum, and primarily use new posts. They keep getting on me that it is buried in a drop down.

So I went into templates and changed the alignment of the 'new posts code' and moved it to first position, before watched posts and watched threads. Now it sometimes has new posts on left, and other times buried in a drop down, dependent on screen size viewed on. The responsive design continues to mess with the nav layout.

Screenshot of how I changed the code is attached, but please let me know how to get it to permanently align left in #1 position.

Thanks for the help!

new posts css.jpg
Links on the lower navigation bar are dropped from left to right, so if New Posts is on the far right, it should always remain visible.

You can test that on this site by reducing the browser width as small as it will go.

Hi Brogan and thank you!

In the current setup as above, when I resize my screen almost to cell phone width, it does already go to new posts only showing.

If I change it to far right, will that be affected?

In addition, I am trying to get new posts to be dominant to #1 left position, not regarding any screen size? Currently, the new posts is moving all over the place, dependent on screen size, and it has to do with the search bar setup. Where as screen size narrows, at x point menu changes to less items and a drop down, etc. But the search bar is what is controlling it as the search bar remains fixed?

attached is life shot of current template code:

The issue must be with your style or some other set up within your site.

The position does not change here on this site or on any other XF site I use - it is always the same relative to the other links and the New Posts link is always visible no matter the width.
That is interesting, 'cause as you say, even though it is aligned right here, it does stay visible
Yet the position does float as screen size changes.

Any style changes have been made within xenforo, and have not imported any styles from 3rd parties.

Regardless, that still doesn't resolve the issue of trying to get it fixed into left #1 position.
Thanks for the reply,

You are correct in that I did have/do have, a change in the header, in that a item added to the header field shortens the menu bar. This does disrupt the behavior of the menu bar.

So the riddle continues and I will have to look at other alternatives. Seems like such a small issue, but alas, not to be so simple.

this does not change the fact that the members and I still are very pleased with the conversion to xen from vb. It is like leaving the Dark Ages.
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