New podcasting forum


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I had too much to drink last night and I wound up buying yet another Xenforo license and a domain name. In the cold light of day I saw the error of my ways, but I set it up anyway:

I started it because when I started podcasting six months ago I looked around for a forum but I couldn't find one. Or I should say I couldn't find one that I wanted to spend more than 20 seconds in. Aside from the font, it's default basic out of the box standard, so don't go there hoping to see an awesome design.

Why it's good:
  • It's independent, not run by a podcast hosting company or Google or Microsoft or the Chinese government.
  • There are very few rules, and I'm not even sure what those few rules are.
  • The URL is easy to remember when you've had too much to drink and you don't want to buy more forum software licenses.
So come by and put up a link to your show (I know some of you are podcasters, podcasters are everywhere, you can't escape them), or tell everyone (me) about a podcast you love, or just shout in the empty halls and listen to your voice echo off the walls.
Best of luck with your podcasting forum. I love podcasting. I log on to a number of podcasting directories and download podcast to my ipod all the time. Also, listen to them while writing and maintaining my own form. I now got you on my podcast directory list and will be checking you out from time to time. Good Luck!