New pages and new others...


Hi all

I`m new here... just purchased the XF1.3
after 3 month of working on the VBroken 5 :(

I need your help, and figured the styling and co. is the place to ask them....

I need to add to my forem 2 other pages
the first one is an Articles page - a place my content personal can place new articles, data and reviews
I need it to have permissions to some users to see and comment and others to also be able to write and edit (content personals)
In the Vb its CMS or equivalent... im looking for somthing like that here (without programing if possible...)

2nd page i need is a Blog,
available to premium users (paying users) - also by permissions.
I viewed the "Better blog" and its very nice, how ever the price now is too high for me :(
and the free version is not enough...
do you have any suggestion for a broke cheap ass like me?

*edit - the forum is new and without any users - so no db import is required ...

Much oblige for any help guys, its good to be here!