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New Navigation Tabs / Remove subtab links ?


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Hi again,

Firstly sorry for abusing your support system (2 questions in the same day).. :( ok so today is really my first day creating a XF based website, while i am a quick learner (and do try and research before asking for help) i am a little conpuzzled about the navtabs / subnavlink..

So currently my navbar section looks like this:

| Forums | Members | Help | <---- Navtabs
| Mark All Forums Read | Search Forums | Watched Threads | What's New? | <---- Subtablinks

I would like to remove "Members" & "Help" from the Navtabs, also would like to remove all Subtablinks... And if possible i would like to rename "Forums" to "Home"

Now as for adding navtabs / custom pages i am at a loss as to where to start... i would like to add several tabs that link to custom pages, ive noticed that all "Pages" (node pages) reside from: hxxp://example.com/pages/page-name-goes-here/ i would ideally like to have these custom pages i wish to make look like this: hxxp://example.com/page-name-goes-here/ or hxxp://example.com/page-name-goes-here.html.

Providing the above "Pages / Custom Navtabs" can be done how search engine friendly would these be ? or what could be done to increase the search engine friendliness of these pages??.

Sorry if these are basic edits, as i mentioned today is my first real look into XF (it's a joy to work with so far!!) Any help on the above requests is greatly appreciated.


Regards, Darren


XenForo moderator
Staff member
Renaming Forums to Home is simply a case of editing the phrase 'forums'.

As for adding or removing tabs, you need to edit the navigation template.
This thread should help: http://xenforo.com/community/threads/add-new-entries-to-the-help-page.8676/
Check the last lot of code on the first post - it explains how to add new links.
To remove links you can just delete the code or wrap it in xen:comment tags.

Changing the primary route/URL of the Pages isn't something that's easily done.