New Macbook Pro - Macbook Air -- iOS 6 and Mac OS Mountain Lion


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I was able to cancel my MacBook Pro 13' order that was placed only 48 hours before the WWDC, and order the new/refreshed MacBook Pro 13'.... wooooho. :)

Altrought never owning an Apple device, the recent updates are quite welcoming. The newest OS X looks neat.


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I haven't used my laptop in over a year (since I got an iPad 2), but the retina display MBP is making me want one. I just have to figure out what I would use a laptop for. lol


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Eh, I don't know. Aside from the rMBP, nothing else has really been all that thrilling lately.

iOS6, about as underwhelming as iOS5. Remember being thrilled about the deep twitter integration, or the fact Apple had finally added a notification system which didn't suck. Yeah, me neither. Maybe some day they'll get around to adding something like Intents in Android -- at least that'd make me happy!

As a long time Mac user, I really only started to become annoyed with OS X with the release of Lion. Simple things like crippling Expose and Spaces, and to combine it in Mission Control (which is mostly all flash and no substance) were the first things to annoy me. Full screen in Mountain Lion still renders a second display useless. It's slower than Lion (which is already considerably slower than Snow Leopard), especially when switching between desktops -- I find myself wanting to cancel a desktop move at times. Not a fan of recent App store developments. And Xcode crashing if I breathe too hard....ugh. I could go on, and on.

I hate to say it, but running Debian on my MBA '11 has been the best laptop I've had in awhile. More interested in what Apple will come out with in the next 2 - 3 years.


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It wouldn't... I don't use laptops for work... and also why I said I would have to figure out what I would use it for. hah
I wouldn't do it unless you really need one and intend to use it frequently. Let's face it, laptops are overly expensive, relatively uncomfortable, and noisy when running hot. Which is another problem with the Apple laptops if holding them directly on your lap.

They are great if you actually need them, and they look and feel really nice, but if you like your desktop and spend most of your time on it, I learned that wasting money on expensive mobile devices really makes no sense. I recently sold mine and bought a second hand iMac which was a great deal and I'm very happy with it. Also bought a special traveling bag for it for when I stay somewhere away from home. It's a much cheaper and more comfortable solution. Even for people who have a lot of money to spend and don't really care, I think it still makes little sense if the device does not fit your lifestyle. I'd rather throw the money away buying the most expensive iPad then. :)

Anthony Parsons

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Yer, we have a notebook that gets used maybe once a year, if that... but the tablet is used weekly, if not daily. Desktops are just easier IMHO... more powerful as well.

Luke F

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Which is another problem with the Apple laptops if holding them directly on your lap.
+1, can't believe how few laptops you can actually use on your lap

Thankfully my 2012 vaio S series is stone cold in normal use and I can even play games with it on my lap :v
Easily the best all-round machines on the market right now